The 8 Best Diets for Men at Every Age


Best for men over 50: Plant-based diet

plant based diet

Plant-based diets are based on nutrient-dense plant-based components such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and legumes.

Although they are sometimes mistaken with vegan or vegetarian diets, many plant-based diets incorporate animal-derived items such as meat, eggs, and dairy.

Plant-based diets have been related to a number of health advantages, making them an excellent choice for males over the age of 50.

Plant-based diets, in particular, appear to be advantageous for weight control, gastrointestinal health, cognitive function, and other factors.

Plant-based diets may also help to delay the effects of aging and improve your intake of key nutrients and antioxidants, which are chemicals that protect against cell damage and chronic illness, according to some study.

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